By Donna Arnold


VBH Connection

Welcome to the Visionary Business Hub aka VBH – Ladies Connection/Networking Group that began because I have a passion.

Hello! I’m Donna

I help struggling online small business owners connect with others through a unique network with multiple streams of assistance as well as create a deeper rapport with colleagues, REFERRALS, COLLABORATIONS AND CLIENTS. As the online space has gaps that are integral to building a successful business it’s comforting to know there’s support here that’ll alleviate the stress of doing it all alone.

All you have to do is ask.

Xx Donna Arnold

I help ladies CONNECT to grow their business.

Welcome to the Visionary Business Hub aka VBH - Ladies Connection Group. It's my passion to help ladies CONNECT to grow their business.

For you to get more clients and grow your business quickly and efficiently, we need to meet and talk to other people now! Sooner rather than later.

While Social Media (SM) has its place, there is too much control of how many friends you can make contact with in a post.

Plus SM takes too long to meet new people, gain referrals and get new clients.

From the point of liking, commenting, posting and then sending a message to actually start talking to each other,

8-12 weeks could’ve passed! Especially if you’re an INTROVERT!

In short – It takes too long to do business!

Know and trust

As we know, human behaviour is that, we buy from people that we feel we know, and can trust; so this means we need to have human contact to make that buying decision.

Knowing this…

Can your business afford to wait 2-3 months? And without the guarantee of everyone becoming a client!


According to research, companies earn approximately $12.50 for every dollar invested on face to face meetings. (source: greatbusinessschool)

95% of professionals consider face to face communication vital for long term business. (Source: Hubspot)

So why not skip, that 2-3 months and start talking to your potential clients immediately?

Through direct communications, you’ll create a deeper rapport which in turn can lead to REFERRALS, COLLABORATIONS and CLIENTS!

Is this you?

Do you feel that time is ticking away?

Have you been in your business a while and not seeing results?

Are you struggling to gain traction?

A coach is not in the budget just yet?

Connecting with community of like-minded women is just what you need?

Welcome to the Visionary Business Hub aka VBH - Ladies Connection Group. It's my passion to help ladies CONNECT to grow their business.

Build your Business

At the Visionary Business Hub we want to help you to get more clients to build your business now.

Networking and meeting people is one of the fastest and most economical ways to turn potential clients into clients!

And all that you have to do, is talk!

How easy is that?


The value that you get from the VBH is so much more!

While you continue to meet and talk to your future clients, referrals and collaborators through the weekly sessions, the Visionary Business Hub will help you in multiple ways.

  • The VBH CONNECTION SESSIONS – Online Networking sessions 4-5 monthly
  • VBH PRIVATE LEARNING GROUP – Be a part of the mini-workshops
  • VBH LIVE NETWORKING EVENTS – Meet other VBH members as well as other business ladies face to face – Currently Brisbane only

These live events are going to be relaxed and FUN!

Plus it adds another deeper layer of rapport between you and your potential clients.

Through regular attendance, you’ll quickly become known to the other members and invited guests which leads to more clients and growth in your business.


Welcome to the Visionary Business Hub aka VBH - Ladies Connection Group. It's my passion to help ladies CONNECT to grow their business.

The bonuses for you as a VBH member continue to add VALUE by way of EXTERNAL EXPOSURE which is in front of 1000’s of eyeballs.

  • You Tube video promotion that is converted to a Podcast
  • Listed Visionary Business Hub website Directory with your website link-backs
  • Promotion on VBH Social Media
  • Promotion in the VBH Mini-Zine  https://bydonnaarnold.com/vbh-mini-zine/

Because Social Media limits the number of people that your posts get in front of, with VBH membership offering EXTERNAL EXPOSURE, means that there are double the people posting about your business (you & the VBH)

Plus, it’ll go through a different profile other than yours.


Currently the pricing is set based on:

4-5 zoom sessions EVERY month

where members are welcome to attend every session.

As the VBH membership grows, the number of sessions will grow.

From time to time the price of the VBH membership will increase.

By joining now at the current low price, this locks in your membership price while you remain a financial member and for the term of the membership even though new members will be paying the newer, increased price.

Current Monthly VBH membership is $27

Current Annual VBH membership is $267  

Want to be part of this new & fun membership? Join the Visionary Business Hub.

If you have any questions, just ask me!

Plus, you’ll also get a free E-Magazine with lots of Tips – How to get more clients. VBH Mini-Zine!