7 Ways to Avoid Expensive Advertising

7 Ways to Avoid Expensive Advertising

If only advertising was inexpensive but unfortunately in the real world the 2 words of ‘advertising & inexpensive’ are not usually seen in the same sentence but there are ways to avoid expensive advertising and still pick up on how to get more clients ?

These 2 words are a constant in the same sentence but there are ways to avoid 'expensive advertising' and still know how to get more clients?

I read an article recently about how Facebook advertising costs had jumped 90% year on year in question.

There is definitely more competition in the digital advertising space which is pushing costs up.

As a solopreneur, or #startup, you’re not likely to have a lot of capital to invest in paid advertising to grow your client base. I understand.

Email marketing

That’s why I’m excited to talk to you about opt-ins for email marketing as it’s one of the great ways to avoid expensive advertising.

Grow your client base by creating an email opt-in.

An opt-in (aka freebie or lead magnet) is useful and helpful information that is exchanged for people’s email address which is the typical way but it can be other or more information.

This is how you build your email list without forcing a ‘sales’ approach.

FACT: email marketing continues to provide the highest return on investment for marketing and some research shows that $38 is made for every $1 spent. (source: https://www.campaignmonitor.com)

This edition of the VBH Mini-Zine, will focus on how to get more clients with email opt-ins.

We’ll look at the process, and then follow it up with some ideas for you to create your very own.

Do you have an email opt-in?

These 2 words are a constant in the same sentence but there are ways to avoid 'expensive advertising' and still know how to get more clients?

“Make it simple.

Make it memorable.

Make it inviting to look at”

Leo Burnett

Opt-in basics

What is an “opt-in”?

An opt-in is a way to get subscribers into your email list (to get more clients).

Other names are “freebie” or “lead magnet” – they all have the purpose of growing your email list.

At the very basic level, you need:

  • A place where people enter their email address (form/landing page)
  • An email addresses (your CRM/ email program) to store email addresses
  • Some way of getting the freebie to the new subscriber (manual or automated. Automated will make your life much easier!).

I use a product called AWeber for my emails and landing pages.

They have a simple system to automate the process to store subscriber information and deliver what you’ve promised to send out.

Do you send regular emails for your business?

Now that you’re starting one or if you do have one, keep in regular touch with these people and continue to ‘give’ to them as they will then remember you.

TIP: whatever program you will be using to email your subscribers, please ensure your email practice is in line with your local regulations regarding privacy and anti-spam laws.

Action: Sign up for a free email marketing program if you don’t already have one. Start planning your email marketing.

“Creativity without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising”
– Prof. Jef L. Richards

Create the opt-in form

What makes a successful opt-in form to get more clients?

Obviously, the aim of your form is to get people to sign up.

To create the opt-in form, write your offer in such a way that the reader can see it is a no-brainer to opt-in.

Each form will be different as it will have your style, but they are generally simple:

  • Attention grabbing heading (a question is often very compelling, use something to peak their curiosity)
  • More text that stirs up in the reader a desire for your freebie.
  • Highlight what the benefit is for them.
  • How is this the answer to their problem?
  • Personal, relatable language does best.
  • Let them know what they’ll get in the freebie.
  • Clear ‘call to action’ (CTA). Be a bit creative with words used instead of simply, “subscribe” if this will suit your avatar.
These 2 words are a constant in the same sentence but there are ways to avoid 'expensive advertising' and still know how to get more clients?

Attention Grabbing Options

One way is creating a short form/pop up.

As an alternative is collecting this data through live chat or a chatbot system.

These are quite effective in lead generation but are more expensive than DIY so keep in focus.

It is about ways of avoiding expensive advertising so it’s advisable to ensure using bots will have a substantial ROI (return on investment)

TIP: A double opt-in is where subscribers are asked to confirm their email prior to receiving your offer.

This extra step ticks anti-spam rules and means your subscribers are more likely to be engaged.

Have you seen any examples of super compelling opt-ins?

What made you sign up?

TIP: What are some questions that you THINK will really grab your audience’s attention?

Look back on  examples of super compelling opt-ins where you have signed up?

What was it that they were offering that you had to have or be involved with?

Eyes on your opt-in

How do you get eyes on your opt-in so you can get more clients?

Hopefully, it’ll be brilliant! The perfect solution and the way to avoid expensive advertising.

Some ideas for placements on your website:

  • At the bottom or within your blog posts.
  • Add it to your “About” page (this is one of the most frequently visited pages on anyone’s website)
  • Just under your header so people can see it easily
  • Create a landing page – this generally has more information to help people who are undecided about your offer.

TIP: Consider an “exit intent” pop-up as it’ll be triggered when someone is leaving that page/window rather than an instant pop up when you first enter the site. It’s much less annoying.

You can also promote it in your Socials or consider a small paid ad for lead generation.

BONUS: If you are a member of the Visionary Business Hub, you can promote your Opt-in to the group on #MentionMeMonday including the link and on other days be a little more subtle.

THINK: Where would be the best places be to get more eyes on your opt-in so you can get more clients?

Think of it as your money tree!!

These 2 words are a constant in the same sentence but there are ways to avoid 'expensive advertising' and still know how to get more clients?

A great opt-in

What is it going to take for you to get an email address from someone?

Most people receive tons of emails each day so what’s going to make this person subscribe to another email list?

Your opt-in must be valuable to them in some way so provide:

  • Something of value to them
  • A solution to a pain point
  • Answers to a question.

When you’re writing your opt-in form copy, you should be able to address the direct benefit that a subscriber will get from opting in.

TIP: The more information that you ask for is another reason that will deter someone from signingup so if you only need the email address ask for their FIRST NAME only and the email address.

What are some of the best freebies you’ve receive in return for your email address?

What makes you so happy with them?

Opt-in inspiration

So, you’re keen to create an opt-in, but unsure where to start?

There are so many possibilities for opt-ins and a lot of it depends on your business and your area of expertise. Some ideas:



Exclusive discount to your store

Cheat sheet/ checklist



Free trial

Early access to sales

These 2 words are a constant in the same sentence but there are ways to avoid 'expensive advertising' and still know how to get more clients?


Other things to consider:

  • Work to your strengths.

Some of these things will be easier for you than others.

  • Consider your ideal client.

Some things will be more enticing to them than others.

  • Consider your time and budget.

The amount you spend should be consistent with the return on investment you anticipate from the leads you will gather.

RESOURCES: Always keep your mind open to alternative ways to pick up new ideas and tips for your business.

There are mutltiple books and authors that have amazing ideas and suggestions that will assist you immensely and one of those are the books by Mike Michalowicz such as The Pumpkin Plan.

EXERCISE: Designing your opt-in

Step 1: Organise yourself up with an email marketing program if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Brainstorm your opt-in lead magnet. Make sure it is something that people actually want, that addresses a pain point or problem.

Step 3: Create your opt-in

Step 4: Set up your form/landing page. THINK about how you can describe your optin in a way that makes it a no-brainer for people to opt in?

Step 5: release your opt-in and get more clients!

These 2 words are a constant in the same sentence but there are ways to avoid 'expensive advertising' and still know how to get more clients?

Information and recommendations

The ByDonnaArnold.com website also has a wealth of information and recommendations.

I have found that over the years, there are, unfortunately, people who’ll take advantage of others who are less experienced and knowledgeable, and it has always been a ‘thing’ of mine, as far back as I can remember to pass on any valuable information for all of us to share.

What’s the benefit in holding on to it?

Working online has shown me that this is more important than ever before.

You will find a link or links to pages and sites that I believe will help you and importantly, from my experiences, the people are integral which is a quality that I feel strongly about.

Courses and training

I have completed and not quite completed a multitude of worthwhile courses and training, read, and sometimes not finished books as well as worked with a wide variety of skilled and reputable people. All of which I would love to share.

ByDonnaArnold  RESOURCES

The VBH Mini-Zine E-Mag is approximately 20 pages of tips and tidbits to help through a multitude of business topics.

There is also a worksheet page relating to the topic of the particular magazine and because it’s in pdf format, if you’re not ready for those particular tips, there’s no need to print. Just save in a file because sooner or later, those tips will become very handy.

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