By Donna Arnold


Welcome to ByDonnaArnold.com.

Do you have passions that are hobbies as well as your work?

Like most people I love being able to combine them.

If you know it’s time to get your Admin organised so you can focus on growing your business, call me.

As a side hobby/passion/business, The Story Hunter – I love to hear about and help you with your ancestor interests in multiple ways:

*Template: Keep for your future generations so they are not stuck with purchasing the same information again.

*Field excursion: Seeing where they lived helps to bring your ancestors alive!!

Imagine it!

Seeing, feeling and experiencing where they once lived and what they saw.

To learn more go to bydonnaarnold/thestoryhunter

Building a successful business has priorities so it’s comforting for you to know there’s support for the other ‘must be done’ work when it’s required.

Xx Donna Arnold

Due to a heavy workload, currently I am only available to assist with small jobs and projects so if this is what you’re needing help with, please feel free to click below to organise a chat.

*Are you looking to create lasting memories with your ancestor discoveries, below.



The service that I expect as a customer, is what I will do for you – my clients.



I hired Donna to help me with customer engagement during a launch. She was fantastic to work with as she has a great outgoing manner which complements my introverted personality. I even had customers purchase because of her. She contributed ideas as well as doing the work required on time. I plan to work with her again in the future and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for similar support.  

Tiffany Gilleland, TIFFANY G STUDIOS


Donna is full of energy and enthusiasm for what she does

“Donna is full of energy and enthusiasm for what she does. She’ll offer solutions and different suggestions when you can  get stuck or can’t see the wood for the trees. She’s supportive, committed and would be a great asset to any team.”