By Donna Arnold

Business Services & Consultancy


‘I Manage Your Office Off & Online’

Benefiting from working in varying industries for 20 years in Administration & Management, I will relieve Small Business Owners of the ‘non-income’ generating tasks as well as maximising profits.

This is through creating structure and systems so the business flows forward; Full Time or Part Time contract.

There are no automated delegating systems.

It’s me, and one on one discussions with you because every business is unique so it needs a ‘human’ to sort it out. 

Working in a previous Management positions, understanding deadlines and urgencies is paramount so rest assured priorities will be met.

With our Core Values of Integrity, Accountability & Quality, being Your Online Business Manager, you’ll be able to focus ‘ON’ the business as opposed to ‘in’ the business.

Having a responsible attitude and believing in ‘owning the work’, I am more

than Your Online Business Manager

I am the person who’ll take up the slack when it’s needed. Your ‘be all and end all’.

Being pro-active

an organizer

and prioritizing

So you’ll be able to focus on building your legacy!

The key responsibilities incorporate;

  • Consulting and Implementing Business Systems & Structure 
  • Staff Management
  • Events Management
  • Travel Bookings Management

But don’t think that’s it! I have plenty of skills – 20 years in fact!

  • Word Press Blog Content Strategy
  • Social Media Content Strategy – Facebook. Linkedin
  • Systems & Organizational Structure
  • General Office  
  • Researching & Once Off Tasks
  • Canva Graphic

I have over a decade in the travel industry so can assure you get value for money.

Contact me for a Free 1 on 1 chat – Online Business Manager.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Donna Arnold

Online Business Manager – Extraordinaire 😊