How to Build Your Empire.

How to Build Your Empire.

Build a strong foundation

A strong client base is the key to a strong foundation and is the step to know how to get more clients and how to build your empire.

As we all know, a strong client base is the key to a thriving business so build a strong foundation which is the start of how to build your empire.

 If you don’t have people who want to buy your product or engage in your services, then you’re going to struggle to meet your revenue goals.

This is where having a good strategy to build your client base is super important.

Knowing how to get more clients aka building a client base is like planting seeds. You plant the seeds and nurture them. It can take time.

Not all of them will sprout. But with patience and good gardening, you’ll make for yourself a beautiful garden of flowers (and a thriving business).

The book The Pumpkin Plan is an excellent next step. (A good read! The Pumpkin Plan – by Mike Michalwicz)

In this mini-zine, we’ll look at several ideas for how to grow your client base.

How to get more clients

Focus your efforts to create

The best way to attract clients for your business is to focus your efforts to create a supportive group.

What won’t work is using every single different attraction strategy!

There are many different ideas and strategies on the best way to grow your client base and this will depend on you, your ideal client and your business.

Some people try an idea once and when it doesn’t work, they go to the next one.

To get more clients keep in mind that gardening principle. Plant the seeds; tend to them and wait to watch them grow.

As a small business owner, your time is best spent focusing on one or two marketing tasks and doing them really well, and consistently, and then reviewing after a period of time.

Remember the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’? This is historical proof of how to build an empire.

Do you find it difficult to focus on one thing?

A strong client base is the key to a strong foundation and is the step to know how to get more clients and how to build your empire.

Love to Write?

Do you enjoy writing?

Do you have knowledge and experience to share?

There are a number of ways you can use writing in your client attraction strategy so select a written mode:

  • Articles: Use your knowledge to write about a topic that is of interest to your ideal client. Submit to newspapers, online journals, news sites etc.
  • Email newsletter/VBH Mini-Zine: put together tips and smaller nuggets of information into an email newsletter for your subscribers.
  • Blog posts. You can either blog for your own website, or be a guest blogger for someone else.

What would you write about?

Action: Take a few minutes to brainstorm 5 topics you could write on easily based on your passions, skills or experience.

A strong client base is the key to a strong foundation and is the step to know how to get more clients and how to build your empire.

How do you feel about VIDEO?

Like it or loathe it?

Many women in business shy away from this, but video is such a great client attraction tool.

You just need to get started.

Videos are a great form of marketing for your business. There’s so much more personality you can portray in a video, which really connects with your potential clients. It’s a great way to quickly attract more clients and know more of how to build your empire.

How can you use video in your client attraction strategy?

  • Social media: there are a number of ways you can use video in your social media, from doing the video “live”, or you can pre-record and upload one you’re happy with.
  • Webinars: these are a fantastic way to show your expertise in an area. They require some technical skill in set up, but can be really attractive for potential clients.

Action: Think of 1 topic that you could easily talk about for 1-min. Take out your phone and record yourself. If you like it, post it. If you don’t, try to think of 3 things you could do in your next video to make it better.

A strong client base is the key to a strong foundation and is the step to know how to get more clients and how to build your empire.

Getting out and meeting people

If you’re the type of person who loves getting out and meeting people, then you can use that to your advantage in your strategy to get more clients.

Turning up in person is a great way to help people to know who you are and what you do. This is why the Emporers and leaders had balconies or stages. To show how to build an empire!

Some options:

  • Guest speaker. Being a guest speaker is a great way to show your authority or expertise in an area. Depending on your ideal client’s demographic, there are a range of groups that usually host guest speakers: mums groups, fitness groups, retiree social groups etc.
  • Networking events. Even if you’re not a confident public speaker, you can still turn up to events and meet people. Check out the VBH page for more posts on Networking.

Have you made great connections at networking events?

Action: Research five local networking events and put them in your calendar.

Or look for five community/business groups that invite guest speakers and ask if they would be interested in you speaking to their group.

Business with someone by referral

Would you rather do business with someone by referral aka who has been recommended by a friend, or someone you know?

This highlights one of the really key ways you can attract clients and that is through relationship and referrals.

Some ideas:

  • Affiliates: as you network and build relationships with others in business, you might consider an affiliate relationship. This is where one person gets a small fee for recommending a product or service.
  • Collaboration: this is generally mutually beneficial to both parties. Working together with other businesses has a host of benefits. You can see more posts on collaboration on the VBH Facebook page.
  • Referral system: referrals can come from your loyal clients, or from business connections. For more on referral marketing, visit the VBH Facebook page.

How many of your clients do you have due to referrals or affiliate relationships?

Action: Consider if any of these might work to help you attract more clients for your business?

A strong client base is the key to a strong foundation and is the step to know how to get more clients and how to build your empire.

Spending money

Sometimes spending money pays off because paid marketing activities can prove really beneficial to your business.

You should always consider the return on investment of any paid marketing you are looking into.

Think about what kind of value you are getting from the money you put it. How much is a new client or customer worth to your business?

Some ideas:

  • Facebook Ads: these can be quite effective at targeting your ideal client to advertise a webinar, event or your services.
  • Paid ads on radio, print, TV: depending on your ideal client’s demographic, some marketing mediums may be more effective than others.
  • Sponsorship: local events are often looking for sponsors. Generally this also comes with promotion prior to and at the actual event. This can be a great way to get your name out there amongst the demographic of your ideal client.

Have you ever done paid advertising? What kind of results did you see?

Action: consider whether any of these paid strategies may be useful for your business.

A strong client base is the key to a strong foundation and is the step to know how to get more clients and how to build your empire.

Time for action.

Nothing is going to happen until the next step is taken. It’s time for action and to test what will work so start with the options that feel the most suitable so use the same principle knowledge as the world leaders did to know how to build an empire.

We’ve looked at a number of ways that businesses use to attract clients:

  • Written
  • Video
  • In Person
  • Relationship and Referrals
  • Paid

Now it’s time to think about which might be best for YOUR business (as no two businesses are the same).

How to choose which strategy is right for you:

Consider your budget

The time required

Your skills

Your ideal client

Now, go and make a plan and enjoy!

RESOURCES: Always keep your mind open to alternative ways to pick up new ideas and tips for your business.

There are mutltiple books and authors that have amazing ideas and suggestions that will assist you immensely and one of those are the books by Mike Michalowicz such as The Pumpkin Plan.

Are you Doing this Alone?

If you’re doing this alone, you’re just making it tougher for yourself.

As humans, we need to talk to other like-minded people so if you’re feeling like you want to give up but you know this will work click here for a FREE 1 on 1 CHAT.

Information and recommendations

The ByDonnaArnold.com website also has a wealth of information and recommendations.

I have found that over the years, there are, unfortunately, people who’ll take advantage of others who are less experienced and knowledgeable, and it has always been a ‘thing’ of mine, as far back as I can remember to pass on any valuable information for all of us to share.

What’s the benefit in holding on to it?

Working online has shown me that this is more important than ever before.

You will find a link or links to pages and sites that I believe will help you and importantly, from my experiences, the people are integral which is a quality that I feel strongly about.

Courses and training

I have completed and not quite completed a multitude of worthwhile courses and training, read, and sometimes not finished books as well as worked with a wide variety of skilled and reputable people. All of which I would love to share.

ByDonnaArnold  RESOURCES

The VBH Mini-Zine E-Mag is approximately 20 pages of tips and tidbits to help through a multitude of business topics.

There is also a worksheet page relating to the topic of the particular magazine and because it’s in pdf format, if you’re not ready for those particular tips, there’s no need to print. Just save in a file because sooner or later, those tips will become very handy.

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FB groups

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