How to Find ‘Gold’ by Prospecting.

How to Find ‘Gold’ by Prospecting.

Does a GOLD DIGGER just wake up in the morning to find gold at the end of his bed and then take his gold to the bank to exchange it for MONEY?

NO! He has to search it out with knowledge and the best way to get that knowledge is to research (TALK TO OTHERS)!

Prospecting is a must which is why Gold Diggers are commonly known as a Prospector so how do you find gold?

However, in this case prospecting is the term used for searching for links and ways to connect with new clients or customers.

How to find gold by prospecting. Does a GOLD DIGGER wake up in the morning to find gold at the end of his bed and then take it to the bank?

Like Finding Gold, there are Key Stages of the Sales Process

One of the key stages of the sales process is Prospecting and I see it as the first step plus it’s one of those tasks that are not necessarily at the top of the ‘preferred’ list of must do’s.

There are mutliple ways to do this and of these some are pleasant and others are not so.

A high percentage of salespeople find prospecting as the most challenging which is probably why this task is often hand-balled to the marketing department.

While it’s not an apealing part of the work, this section of the selling process can quite often determine whether the sale will be closed so it needs to be treated the same as ‘the close’ stage.

You as the Supplier

In this technological era, the most over 90% (source: The Rain Group) of B2B buyers will have already researched online with approximately half of these potential buyers will have also researched on social media for buying decisions.

Immediately, this information mean that is imperative that you as the supplier of a product or the service provider shows up and be present, offer quality & integrity in your product or service.

TIP: Treat every new enquiry as if it IS a definite sale.

How to find gold by prospecting. Does a GOLD DIGGER wake up in the morning to find gold at the end of his bed and then take it to the bank?

To Strike Gold, Be Proactive

IT’S A NUMBERS GAME – the more prospects you generate, the more chances to close a sale so be proactive! It’s the same as how to find gold by prospecting.

If you work ‘reactively’ aka waiting for the customers or clients to come to you, you could find yourself part of that high percentage of failed businesses.

Being ‘proactive’ is extremely important.

  • Statistics show that after researching and considered a few suppliers/businesses, 60% of B2B buyers WILL make contact with someone to perform the purchase as opposed to doing it online.
  • PLUS… it is said that approximately half of the buyers, chose the vendor who reached out FIRST or responded FIRST so if your business relies on emails, it’s important to find the balance between wasting time on emails and monitoring them for business.It was also shown that successful salespeople would spend at least half their day on sales related tasks so as a small business owner, it is vital that the time spent on sales is QUALITY  time

The following TIPS will assist with how to focus on the priorities in the realm of prospecting.

Your AVATAR is Like The Mother Lode

This topic continues to re-surface in so many areas of business as it will save copious amounts of precious time in the long run if you KNOW your avatar.

Who are they?

While some of you say that you don’t know who your Avatar is, usually you will have this thought or vision in your head of what they are like and what they like.

If you are struggling to work out your Avatar, use this vision as a start and then gow them from there.

While there is an element of practicality such as they like this product and not that, there is also a lot that is inuitive so don’t force the thoughts of a characteristic or like/dislike, just accept what comes to mind.

As your business grows, thing will be come clearer.

Of the things that you’ll need of your Avatar, some are a bit more important than others.

You can go deeply into but the following is a general list.

EG: Preferences.

  • Are they Masculine or Femine?
  • What are their priorities?
  • Where do live?
  • Are they single or married with a family?

Never Assume

Never ASSUME that everyone on your data base is your Avatar.

Go through the list and create individual lists based on their characteristics.

  • Are they good payers?  Even if the purchase is high value, do you want someone to chew into your profits by delaying payment?
  • Are they return buyers?
  • Do they focus on a product or service that has a high margin?
  • Do they haggle and throw your profits into array?

TIP: I the book The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz which gave me something to think about. It’s available in Audible too.

REMEMBER? To ASSUME will make an ASS out of U & ME.

How to find gold by prospecting. Does a GOLD DIGGER wake up in the morning to find gold at the end of his bed and then take it to the bank?

Like Digging for Gold in Various areas, ask Questions

Now that you have categorised your clients, set up a list of questions that you can ask them.

Base the questions from where you’ll learn about their:

  • pain points
  • needs
  • wants
  • what stage they are at to make a purchase.

EG: Need time: Ask how often do you allow for social media platforms?

For the VBH Group, I would be creating a realisation that time can be used more efficiently and more productively through talking to people as opposed to spending 2-3 months of liking, commenting and posting.

The reason being that all of this time spent you still haven’t reached talking to each other point.

TIP: This is when most people decide if they like you or not to buy from you.

To start with, ask broad questions and from their response funnel the questions towards a product you sell.

This is an exercise that with practice will become easier.

Make regular use of the Lists.

If you can call your clients, do it, as it’s still the best way from both yours and their  perspective.

According to The Rain Group, 69% of buyers accepted calls from new salespeople so there’s comfort knowing that we are more understanding that we assume.

The list can be used in multiple ways such as:

  • emailing information
  • inviting to a webinar

For those who didn’t buy but showed promise, this is a way to keep in touch.

TIP: Add to the list of ‘Potential’ clients.

TIP: Remember to also, create posts about their problems and a resolution.

How to find gold by prospecting. Does a GOLD DIGGER wake up in the morning to find gold at the end of his bed and then take it to the bank?


This is one of the most effective ways to build rapport with your potential clients.

While 80% of buyers (resource: The Rain Group) say they prefer emails as opposed to other contact points, the success rate of ‘bulk’ emails is dropping.

Be more personal and while that is impractical, perhaps create lists of clients that have preferences to your services or products and send out smaller group emails

As you will always have a list of ‘VIP’ clients, it’s in your best interest to send more personal and individual emails.

This VIP list will work wonders if you treat them like VIP’s.

TIP: Send them a simple ‘touch base’ email every few months such as: I just thought I’d touch base to see how you were going.

That’s it. Don’t expect anything as you’re just saying hi, but this will be remembered by the client.

As they say: Clients are cheaper to attend to & look after than finding more clients.


One of the key reasons why we talk to clients/customers is because we want them to get to know us as much, we want to get to know them – Remember the buying habit?

Getting to know them & vici versa is also the reason why we would like to think that our clients will refer us to others but unfortunately, this is a practice that ‘ASSUME’ will happen.

TIP: instead of relying on ‘assume’, ASK your clients for a referral.

They’ll either do it or not!

RESOURCES: Always keep your mind open to alternative ways to pick up new ideas and tips for your business.

There are mutltiple books and authors that have amazing ideas and suggestions that will assist you immensely and one of those are the books by Mike Michalowicz such as The Pumpkin Plan.

Plenty More Tips

While there are plenty more tips, you have the key elements to get started or add to what you have.

  • Remember to be Proactive! If you wait, they’ll wait too and you don’t want that.
  • Your Avatar. Make sure who you are spending your time on are the people who will buy from you or want to work with you.
  • Always ask questions: The sooner you know what they are having problems with the easier it will be for you to help them.
  • Use the lists! You’ve done the work creating them so make it easier on yourself. Besides, it’s a good opportunity to chat with someone if you work SOLO.

Emails are the easiest thing to do so allocate the time and go for it!!

You began this to align with your top priorities in life, and sometimes they are hard work.

  • Don’t give up.
  • Continue to reminding yourself of your “why”.
  • Always review your action plan.
  • Keep taking steps, however small.

These tips are known to most of us, but sometimes we forget about most of the options that are available.

We tend to go down a rabbit hole and use the one or two options only

Use these tips as a refresher and or reminder of what you can do to make your business more profitable.

And keep your business moving forward.

Remember: It doesn’t happen overnight and there’ll be days where you’ll find it tough but

Stick with it!

Are you Doing this Alone?

If you’re doing this alone, you’re just making it tougher for yourself.

As humans, we need to talk to other like-minded people so if you’re feeling like you want to give up but you know this will work click here for a FREE 1 on 1 CHAT.

Information and recommendations

The ByDonnaArnold.com website also has a wealth of information and recommendations.

I have found that over the years, there are, unfortunately, people who’ll take advantage of others who are less experienced and knowledgeable, and it has always been a ‘thing’ of mine, as far back as I can remember to pass on any valuable information for all of us to share.

What’s the benefit in holding on to it?

Working online has shown me that this is more important than ever before.

You will find a link or links to pages and sites that I believe will help you and importantly, from my experiences, the people are integral which is a quality that I feel strongly about.

Courses and training

I have completed and not quite completed a multitude of worthwhile courses and training, read, and sometimes not finished books as well as worked with a wide variety of skilled and reputable people. All of which I would love to share.

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