How to Work Effectively While Working Alone

How to Work Effectively While Working Alone

How do you AVOID feelings of isolation & loneliness to keep you motivated to maintain productivity in your work?

These negative feelings come over us so easily.

The following tips and information will help you think through ways to work effectively while working alone.

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Whether you’re working remotely by necessity, or by choice, there’s no denying that working alone from home can come with some challenges.

Even if you enjoy working alone for the most part, sometimes there comes a time when you start to feel a little isolated, too cooped up or somewhat lonely.

Below and an edition of the VBH Mini-Zine focuses on some of the ways you can make working alone, work for you.

What’s your experience of working from home?

What is your ‘how to work effectively while working alone’?

  • Do you think it only works for certain people?
  • What do you enjoy about it?
  • What’s challenging?

We’d love to hear your experiences so leave a comment!

Reducing isolation

How’s working at home been going for you?

Do you thrive, or is it struggle-street?

Even if you find it easy, sometimes you can’t but help to feel a little isolated or lonely.

….And sometimes you just get sick of the sight of your office!

What to do?

Working from another location:
  • Local Co-Working Space. These are places where you can hire a desk or an office for a day and work alongside others locally who are working on their own business. (Great for Networking!)
  • Library. Libraries often also have a desk that you can set up and do quiet work from.
  • Café. There’s always your trusty local café too.

Do you have a favourite place to work away from home?

What’s missing

There are so many positives with working alone but like a magnet with a positive there’s a negative so what’s missing?

Are you missing the proverbial “chats at the water cooler”?

With all the flexibility it provides, working from home can get lonely at times.

You spend the day in your own company and sometimes just crave to chat to another human being.

TIPS: Here are some ways of how to work effectively while working alone and save you from becoming a hermit:

  1. Book in lunch dates with friends
  2. Join an in-person or online networking group (hello VBH!)
  3. Look for opportunities to leave the house (client meetings, working, errands etc.)

Let friends know that you’re feeling a bit lonely at home, so they know to check in on you.

Do you miss having people around when you work from home?

If so, what do you find helpful?


Motivation is so important and working alone can test you immensley.

Are you missing the accountability of co-workers to keep you on track during the day?

For all the distraction, sometimes an office environment does actually provide accountability and motivation that just isn’t there in the same way when working from home or working alone.

Some people are just great at motivating themselves, but others need a little assistance.

TIPS: If you’re struggling maintaining your motivation, here are some tips to try:

  1. Planning and Structure

Create a general plan or some structure for your day. Block out time for various tasks, and give yourself set rest breaks. Having at least a small plan for your time, will give you the boost you sometimes need to keep you motivated.

  • Dress for work

Whilst there’s always the option of a sneaky zoom meeting in your PJs, you’ll actually feel much more motivated if you get dressed into day clothes.

  • Review your Goals

If you’re really really struggling with your work, perhaps you need to review your goals to remind yourself why you’re working, or to change the direction of your work to one where you feel more motivated.

What are your go-to tips for when motivation fades?

Have you thought of a mastermind group like the Visionary Business Hub – Ladies Connection Group and their ‘Einstein Hour’.


Do you have good strategies set up for working alone?

Even the most organised of us can sometimes end up feeling a little “bleugh” at the thought of another day working alone?

Here are a couple of tips to keep you fresh:

  1. Look for opportunities to leave the house
  • Don’t forget to exercise. Taking a walk in the middle of the day can be a great way to refresh for the afternoon’s work. The fresh air is good for you, and your mind will relax as well – leading to more creative ideas.
  • Can you do a client call from a quiet café, or some brainstorming at the local library?
  • Embrace the time you get to spend alone.

Sometimes you just need to reframe how you think about being alone. Being alone doesn’t need to mean you are lonely, it can be a great time to embrace some quiet and let the creativity flow. Making the most of the time you have in silence can help you to focus on your inner thoughts and provide some opportunity for personal growth.

What’s your favourite way to bring back your vitality when working from home?


Wondering how you can collaborate when you work alone?

There’s so much value in collaborating with others to boost ideas and get clarity on problems.

Sometimes when you’re working alone you might find self-doubt creeping in.

Sometimes you just want someone to bounce ideas off.

It’s time to find your people.

If you don’t have friends in business already, here’s a couple of places to start:

  • Online or in-person networking with other business owners: you can often find local networking events advertised online on Facebook or MeetUp or other social platforms. If in-person networking is difficult due to location or circumstances, online networking is also a great way to get to know other people in business.
  • Joining a mastermind group to creatively solve problems together. This is a more intense form of networking, where you meeting regularly with a small group of people to nut out problems together and provide accountability for your business goals.

Also, if you’re starting to feel depressed, or just not yourself, make sure you reach out to someone and tell them how you feel.

Have you found your people?

Work- life balance

How’s your work-life balance going?

Sometimes when you work from home, the boundary between work and recreation can become blurred, especially if your kitchen table or office is used for work and hobbies.

So, some tips for this:

  • When you are creating your daily schedule, make sure you schedule in rest breaks.
  • Go outside and get some fresh air.
  • Try to have different spaces for work and rest when possible
  • Consider ways you can restrict access to your emails/calls etc while you are taking time off
  • Get a dog – not only are they great company, but they also help you make time to get out of the house to go for a walk
  • Once again, those cafes come in handy. Look around because there are plenty of other people who work effectively while working alone.
  • Cafes are the perfect opportunity to meet (prospect) for like minded small business people or entrepreneurs

What are some ways you differentiate your work time and space to give yourself room to rest at the appropriate time?

RESOURCES: Always keep your mind open to alternative ways to pick up new ideas and tips for your business.

There are mutltiple books and authors that have amazing ideas and suggestions that will assist you immensely and one of those are the books by Mike Michalowicz such as The Pumpkin Plan.

Working from home

With all the flexibility and range of benefits that comes with working from home or while working alone, there are no doubt challenges such as isolation, low motivation, lacking collaboration and struggling with work-life balance.

Hopefully, some of these tips have helped you to think about some strategies you can put in place to make working from homework for you.

Are you Doing this Alone?

If you’re doing this alone, you’re just making it tougher for yourself.

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Information and recommendations

The ByDonnaArnold.com website also has a wealth of information and recommendations.

I have found that over the years, there are, unfortunately, people who’ll take advantage of others who are less experienced and knowledgeable, and it has always been a ‘thing’ of mine, as far back as I can remember to pass on any valuable information for all of us to share.

What’s the benefit in holding on to it?

Working online has shown me that this is more important than ever before.

You will find a link or links to pages and sites that I believe will help you and importantly, from my experiences, the people are integral which is a quality that I feel strongly about.

Courses and training

I have completed and not quite completed a multitude of worthwhile courses and training, read, and sometimes not finished books as well as worked with a wide variety of skilled and reputable people. All of which I would love to share.

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