Organic Marketing – Primary Research

Organic Marketing – Primary Research

What is Organic Marketing?

You’ve just started your business, and everyone’s talking about Organic Marketing, but you’ve got no clue what they mean.

Is it just marketing with zero budget?

Is it just posting something, anything on Facebook?

You’ve just started your business, and everyone’s talking about Organic Marketing-Primary Research, but you’ve got no clue what they mean.

In this edition of the Visionary Business Hub (VBH) Mini-Zine, we will take a look at the first steps in creating yourself an Organic Marketing strategy: primary research.

Marketing basics

Organic Marketing is not simply spending hours on social media posting and engaging (despite what some might think).Even though Organic Marketing doesn’t utilise paid advertising strategies, there is still strategy involved.

In this VBH Mini-Zine, we’re going to go through an initial component of your strategy called Primary Research.

You’ve just started your business, and everyone’s talking about Organic Marketing-Primary Research, but you’ve got no clue what they mean.

First, some marketing basics to consider:

  • Marketing is at its best when it reaches customers at the key moments in their decision-making process.
  • Unfortunately, many people have made their decision prior to actually talking to someone from your business.
  • Therefore, you need to find your customer before they make their purchase decision, and you need to resonate with them and their needs.

Effective Organic marketing

In order to effectively do Organic Marketing, you need to be able to really understand your customer and their habits.

The best way to do this is to talk to them directly, this is often called Primary Research.

A key part of Primary Research is to join business groups where the people you meet and talk to can be the link to your customers.

Referrals are one of the most economical and effective Organic Marketing – Primary Research

Implement: Consider how much do you know about your customers and their journey to buying your product or engaging your service? Is there anything else that might be useful to know?

What is Primary Research for Organic Marketing?

Primary research, as mentioned before, is where you talk to your current clients/customers in order to understand their customer journey further.

  • This in turn helps you to enable others to travel that same journey to become a customer too.

You can conduct your primary research in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Via phone. This is the most effective. You may need to offer an incentive for their help, such as a discount or competition entry (be aware of rules as they apply in your state and social platform).

Set up a set of questions (max 10) and be sure to stick to a time limit (max 15 mins).

  • Via online survey. There are a number of free survey platforms which will enable you to get feedback from your customers.

The information from this will probably be less detailed then if you were speaking to people individually, but it is often a convenient option.

You’ve just started your business, and everyone’s talking about Organic Marketing-Primary Research, but you’ve got no clue what they mean.

Have you ever asked customers for feedback like this before?

Implement: spend 5 mins now researching online survey platforms.

What can I learn from my customers?

Your Unique Selling Points

Talking with your clients or customers can help with identifying your unique selling points (USP). These are the points that you will promote in your Organic Marketing.

Ask your loyal customers questions such as:

  • what they appreciate about your business,
  • what they think you do well and
  • what’s unique about your service.

Make a list of what your customers like about your business:

(If you don’t know, then jot down some questions you might like to ask them)

Feedback on new ideas

Gauging interest before investing in product development or planning your upskilling is a great idea, and definitely one you can include in your primary research.

Customers are often full of ideas that you may not have even thought of yet. They also can have an out-of-the-box approach to an idea that you have been stuck on.

Ask your loyal customers:

  • what new products or services they’d like to see you provide
  • what they think of your new ideas

Implement: THINK – do you have any new ideas you’re considering for your business? What do you need to know to make it a reality?

(If you don’t know, then jot down some questions you might like to ask them)

You’ve just started your business, and everyone’s talking about Organic Marketing-Primary Research, but you’ve got no clue what they mean.
Clearer understanding of common objections

Sometimes you might wonder why people just aren’t buying your product or engaging your services. You may be getting good traffic to your website or views on your socials, but they aren’t converting to sales.

Utilising your Organic Marketing – Primary Research is also a great way to find out what obstacles your potential customers are faced with before buying your product or service.

In conducting your interviews or surveys, you should consider asking questions to learn more about your customer’s pain points, their obstacles to buying from you and what actually sold them on your idea.

  • What do people need to know from you before they buy?
  • What obstacles/objections do they have to overcome?
  • How has your product or service helped them?

These questions will help you to clarify your messaging surrounding your product or service.

Implement: THINK: What’s the biggest obstacle customers face before purchasing from you?

Is it uncertainty around a process?

Do they understand the value they are getting for the price?

Knowing where your gaps are

There are always two sides in communication: the sender of the message and the receiver of the message.

Sometimes in marketing our business, the message we think we are sending out, is not actually what people are receiving.

We may think we are sending out a message that we are professional, but they may be receiving the message that we are stand-offish.

We may think we are sending out a message that we are good value, they may receive it as that our products are not high quality.

This, again, is where your primary research can help. By talking to your customers, you can get an idea of what they understand of your business’ message.

You’ve just started your business, and everyone’s talking about Organic Marketing-Primary Research, but you’ve got no clue what they mean.
  • What brand message do you want your customers to be receiving?
  • Customers – what do they actually think about your brand?
  • What hasn’t been made clear in your website copy or on Social Media?
  • Are there processes that are too hard to understand?

Now it’s time for you to put it into practice.

Step 1. Compile your customer list

Step 2. Compile your list of questions (based on the above points)

Step 3. Get talking to those customers

Step 4. Take that info and put it into your Organic Marketing strategy.

Unique selling point

Make sure your content highlights these areas of difference.

Unless you are a very niched business, odds are that there are a dozen businesses like yours that people might be looking to do business with.

Help people to know why they should choose your business.

What makes you their number one choice and what makes you different to any other of your competitors?

EG: ‘There are many great cleaning businesses in town, but did you know that our clients really rave about the fact that we use all-natural cleaning products in our clean.

No nasty chemicals, no nasty cleaner smells. Safe for you and your whole family.’

New Ideas

Use the ideas and feedback from your customers to grow your business.

Analyse your new areas for business growth and then add them to your yearly plan if they are worth pursuing.


Think about the top 5 reasons why people don’t purchase from you, and then work out answers to them.

EG: Some people think that if you send an enquiry email to a health business then you’ll be getting spam emails for life.

Most of the time you won’t be added to the list if you don’t want to be there.

It’s more important to help you work out if this program is going to be the best fit for you.


Fill in the gaps.

You may need to add more information to your website or add more information to posts in your social media strategy.

You may also want to conduct a brand audit to clarify your brand and key foundations of your business.

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Keeping costs down

Organic Marketing is a great way to keep the costs down especially if you’re just starting out.

Continuously watch out for Organic Marketing tips because as humans, there is one thing that we do constantly, and that is un-knowingly.

We habitually narrow down to 1 or 2 options (go down a rabbit hole 😊) when we focus on any area in anything we do.

From a business perspective receiving reminders of business Tips & Tidbits, every now & then helps to expand our minds again and possibly learn new options.

RESOURCES: Always keep your mind open to alternative ways to pick up new ideas and tips for your business.

There are mutltiple books and authors that have amazing ideas and suggestions that will assist you immensely and one of those are the books by Mike Michalowicz such as The Pumpkin Plan.

Refresh those Prospecting options

Information and recommendations

The ByDonnaArnold.com website also has a wealth of information and recommendations.

I have found that over the years, there are, unfortunately, people who’ll take advantage of others who are less experienced and knowledgeable, and it has always been a ‘thing’ of mine, as far back as I can remember to pass on any valuable information for all of us to share.

What’s the benefit in holding on to it?

Working online has shown me that this is more important than ever before.

You will find a link or links to pages and sites that I believe will help you and importantly, from my experiences, the people are integral which is a quality that I feel strongly about.

Courses and training

I have completed and not quite completed a multitude of worthwhile courses and training, read, and sometimes not finished books as well as worked with a wide variety of skilled and reputable people. All of which I would love to share.

ByDonnaArnold  RESOURCES

The VBH Mini-Zine E-Mag is approximately 20 pages of tips and tidbits to help through a multitude of business topics.

There is also a worksheet page relating to the topic of the particular magazine and because it’s in pdf format, if you’re not ready for those particular tips, there’s no need to print. Just save in a file because sooner or later, those tips will become very handy.

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