Annual Priority Membership*

$397.00 / year

*price in US $

The package offers:

  • ZOOM networking sessions
  • Podcasts
  • Facebook Promo Package
  • Website Advertising
  • Resource Library

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For the life of the membership and while you remain as a member your membership fee will NOT change from the initial joining fee when new member prices increase.

Priority Membership – Pay the FULL MEMBERSHIP of $397USD per annum  and there are plenty of bonuses!

  • FB group Announce upcoming events (not limited but will be monitored and deleted if abused)
  • FB group File – Add a flyer style promo to the group files so members can easily see your business details
  • Media – Book a 1 on 1 chat on zoom and it will be PROMOTED on my profile page (FB rules permitting)
  • My website – ENDORSEMENTS (1 Promo)
  • Attending sessions in the Arena, the Salon and the Theatre to promote yourself and help others
  • Posting as often as you choose in the VBH group (including links ONCE per week)

Psst!  Can you keep a secret?  I am currently working on having a Podcast to send the message of members businesses far and wide.


  • You’ll meet other small business owners who have the same goals as you.
  • To keep their businesses moving forward


  • I am currently in the process of building up Podcasts to launch it early 2021


  • Daily posts
  • Zoom Posts on Personal profile for extra reach:
  • 1. Zoom Network sessions.
  • 2. 1 on 1 zoom chat about your business.
  • Event Listings – add your upcoming events
  • FB Files – Add a flyer of your business and save it in the files for others to find.
  • Member Highlights – Wins, Launches etc


  • Your business can be promoted on this website in the VBH section so others will see it.


  • A place to look for business tips and information.

NB: As the VISIONARY BUSINESS HUB is in its infancy or ‘Beta’ stage, we are still growing the number of sessions and the members will determine WHEN running at peak capacity is required. *Prices listed on this website are in US dollars.