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The Visionary Business Hub (aka VBH Membership) is more than just a networking group as it’s a Ladies Connection Group that is unique.

Apart from all of the PROMOTIONAL BONUSES the VBH membership, we connect to create more depth to understand each other.

This leads to quality REFERRALS & COLLABORATIONS.

Other business networking groups sometimes add value internally but at the VISIONARY BUSINESS HUB, the member VALUE is EXTERNALLY and still being added to!

Your business is promoted in multiple ways for thousands of eyeballs to see which is included in the membership.

Members Inclusions

Members inclusions are:

  • Your A5 flyer in this website
  • Direct LINKS from the website to yours
  • VBH Member Spotlight – 1 on1 Chats
  • Youtube
  • Zoom Connection Sessions – 4-5 times per month!! Why? Because Networking only once a month reduces the value in all of that hard work and time!

How easy is that!

Resource Library

Key focus

Our KEY FOCUS in the VBH Membership is to talk to each other because as humans, we tend NOT to hand over our money to purchase something until we meet and feel comfortable with the seller/ provider.

The VALUE that is created is then used and spread via REFERRALS & COLLABORATIONS because we are authentic and we truly know each other.

This is VALUE that you just can’t get in a monthly network catchup.

To know more about what those BONUSES & extra BENEFITS are in the VBH group click on the button.

Getting Traction 3 Month Package

If you’re finding that you’re working day in and day out but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere, you just can’t seem to gain any traction, this package is sure to help you.

We are so busy chasing our tails, it’s the simple things that can help us to be open to be exposed to more potential clients and referrals.

A key thing in business is to have clarity on what you do so whenever something is missing or there is a contradiction in information, this can stop any potential buyers immediately.

Clients need to feel that they know you and trust you so this package will assist you to get into an orderly fashion.

Inclusions are:

Interim member (3 months) of the Visionary Business Hub where you’ll have direct like-minded ladies.

  • Attending the zoom Networking sessions – weekly
  • Access to the Private Visionary Business Hub FB group

Monthly Package

  • 1:1  WEEKLY 30 minute sessions
  • Unlimited email responses
  • Urgent 10 minute phone call WEEKLY
  • Voucher  – 1:1 Coaching with a Digital Marketing expert
  • 2 x Training videos

This is 100% RISK FREE! As you start you will BENEFIT! **

Unique format

I have created a unique format in the VBH Membership where there are multiple avenues to connect and build your business plus EXTERNAL EXPOSURE.

And because I believe in myself and this format, I will back myself and guarantee your satisfaction if you adhere to it completely.

** Once you have made the purchase and have connected with the VBH group, the service of connecting with other business ladies has been provided so your payment could be warranted as ‘non-refundable’.

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