By Donna Arnold

Travel Services

Travel has been a major PASSION since I was 6 and with over a decade in the travel industry as an international consultant, you’re in good hands.

Your business is unique and making appointments with plenty of time to prepare is vital!

You’ll get the standard that you expect in all facets of travel and will be value for money.


Industry ROGUES and SCAMMERS profiteered (7mil GBP. 13.5mil AUD) in 2018 from British travellers alone.

And some ‘legitimate’ travel agents are taking $1000’s per booking in an ‘extra’ payment when it isn’t usually required by the operators. I felt it was wrong.

Each travel industry operator that I work with/suggest must have a high QUALITY of SERVICE and VALUE FOR MONEY expectation as my clients are trusting me to uphold my INTEGRITY.

So, as it’s my duty, I expect the travel industry operators to be RELIABLE and RESPONSIBLE.

Reputation and trust is so important.

Offering all aspects of TRAVEL, no travel itinerary or agenda is too difficult!

I revel in it and never was a client left stranded!

You’ll SAVE $$$ & you get back time.

You can be CONFIDENT with my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.  I am the person you need to look after your special projects.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Donna Arnold

Online Business Manager – Extraordinaire 😊