By Donna Arnold

VBH Mini-Zine E-Mag


Welcome to the Visionary Business Hub Mini-Zine aka VBH Mini-Zine E-Mag!

This magalogue offers fantastic VALUE and information to help show you how to get more clients.

Since beginning this journey, I have been over-whelmed with information that I know will benefit my business and so after noticing the 100’s of Tips & Tidbits that I’ve collected from multiple sources, I felt that this information needs to be shared!!

Why would you keep it to yourself?

There’s plenty enough people to share it to without harming our own businesses so what is the benefit of hanging on to it and besides I recall a coach saying once that I believe is ‘GOLD’.

‘There are 7 billion people in this world, I only want 1000’.

Thank you James Wedmore.

Working with the Law of Attraction – what you give out, comes back to you 10-fold. Right?

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Inside the VBH Mini-Zine E-Mag

  • Tips & Tidbits that will keep your Businsess Moving Forward
  • A convenient worksheet to write notes as you think of them
  • Featuring a VBH member Video where you’ll get more benefits from her tips & tidbits as well as learn about what she does she might just who you’re looking for

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Ladies Networking/Connection Group

If you would like to help others with your knowledge and experiences, join us at the Visionary Business Hub, a Ladies Networing/Connection Group where your business will be promoted EXTERNALLY as well as internally.

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Welcome to the Visionary Business Hub Mini-Zine. It's a magalogue that offers fantastic VALUE and information to help you get more clients.

Member Value

The MINI-ZINE is an added VALUE item for the members of the VBH group – a Ladies Networing/Connection Group and regular editions will be emailed directly to sunscribers and members.

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As well as the VALUABLE Business Tips & Tidbits, the members and their business will be featured in the VBH MINI-ZINE so you’ll possibly discover someone who could just be the person you’re looking for right now!

It doesn’t matter if they are CLIENTS or REFERRALS because Referrals are GOLD!!

Members also receive a free 1 on 1 zoom chat that’s recorded and used in EXTERNAL EXPOSURE in promotional activities such as this VBH MINI-ZINE.

Take a look at the page that shows how the members flyers attract and offer direct links to their website!

There is so much more with the VALUE continuing to grow.

Below are the earlier editions but as they are business tips and information, they’ll rarely go out of date.

Remember, once you’ve signed up once, the new editions will follow!

Previous copies

How to Get more Clients

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