By Donna Arnold

Visionary Business Hub Membership

 I help ladies connect to grow their business to get more clients and this is why I started the Visionary Business Hub Membership.

The best way to help you is on an ongoing basis, through talking to each other and because we are given soo many different Tips & Tidbits at different times they are worth sharing. No matter how insignificant they may appear.

It’s great to get fresh reminders of great tips that’ll help to keep you on top of the game with different tactics.

You Zag while they Zig.

This all helps to get above the noise.


As a communicator (my stars say so 😊) to satisfy your needs to keep in touch with like-minded people although you’re working from home, the Visionary Business Hub membership will assist you in filling that loneliness void that you feel occurs more often.

Communicating directly through the spoken word also increases the possibility of turning potential clients into clients.

NOTE: Visionary Business Hub members have the option to have their direct links on this website. Click on some.

Take a look at the

VBH Member Spotlight.

Take a look at the

VBH Member Spotlight

Take a look at the

VBH Member Spotlight

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits apply for the life of the membership and while you remain as a member.

Your membership fee will NOT change from the initial joining fee when new member prices increase.

A great book that is easy to understand and perfect for #startups or those who are trying to get traction for business success..

Zoom Connection Sessions

You’ll meet other small business owners who have the same goals as you when you attend the Zoom Connection Sessions.

And this will help to keep your business moving forward.

Take a look at the

VBH Member Spotlight.

VBH Mini-Zine

The VBH Mini-Zine will offer subscribers benefits that focus on ‘How to get more clients’ and to keep your business moving forward.

Each edition offers business Tips & Tidbits with a workspace template to write notes.

Plus it will FEATURE VBH Members and their businesses.

I help ladies connect to grow their business to get more clients and this is why I started the Visionary Business Hub.

Platform Promo Package

  • FB posts
  • 1. Zoom Network sessions. 
  • Event Listings – add your upcoming events
  • FB Files – Add an A% Landscape flyer of your business and save it in the FB files for others to find.
  • Bydonnaarnold.com website – A5 flyer promo
  • Member Highlights – Wins, Launches etc
  • 1 on 1 zoom chat about your business
  • You tube

Simple Promoting – Website

Your business can be promoted on this website in the VBH section so others will see it..

I help ladies connect to grow their business to get more clients and this is why I started the Visionary Business Hub.
What are you waiting for? 85% is the best reason to join!


To do this I joined a massively popular program which is offered only once per year, along with 900 or so other commited people to help me, help business owners to succeed.

I definitely know the popularity of this program and that it will help me serve business owners even better.

That’s how strong my commitment is.

So, if you’re a business owner who wants to get your name out there, build a wide net of contacts and have a successful business, I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey and become a member.

I help ladies connect to grow their business to get more clients and this is why I started the Visionary Business Hub.

Keep Moving Forward

  • It’s about creating an International Web of contacts to expand your reach around the world.
  • Communicating face to face with potential clients and business owners because you’ll have the answer immediately.
  • Educating others about your business because speaking directly is the best source for information.
  • Getting referrals from other business owners is so powerful.
  • Collaborating with others can open so many doors for you so watch the connections multiply!
  • Support each other – both give and receive because we have been through this journey ourselves so we understand and can help to guide each other.
  • Learning new skills when you’re ready because so many direct connections offer courses and coaching that will be a great fit for you.
  • Picking up excellent tips and information is a great way to stay updated with what’s new.
  • Gain a clearer understanding as a leader because so many of us can help you weigh up your options.
  • Realizing that you’re not alone in your business journey as there are others like you to chat with.
  • Building new friendships can be so self-empowering knowing that you have someone there for you.
  • Speaking to people directly, so their body language can be sensed and clearly read and understood.

No piece of technology can do that. 😊

  • There’ll be plenty of opportunities to Self-Promote in multiple ways.
  • We’ll be connecting in small groups and in large groups for maximum exposure of how your business can help.

The more contacts there are the greater and diverse our knowledge will be so we’ll be more ‘ABUNDANT!’.


So, if your business specializes in Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Sales, Mentoring, Coaching, Virtual Assistance, Public Speaking, Travel or Tourism, Childhood Teachings, Crafts, Online Business Management, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Podcasts, Health, Beauty, Nutrition, Fashion, Spiritual, Photography, Online Products, Creative products, Membership Training, full package or part there of any business course, other B2B or B2C in fact any respectable online or ‘Bricks & Mortar’ business, this is for you.

Can you imagine how our businesses could be if we had connections with ALL of these industries?

⭐️This is organic marketing at it’s best! ⭐️

Membership Rates

There’ll be a limited number of lifetime spots into the membership for a super low monthly fee of $27 (current member rate) and this means you’ll never have to pay a higher monthly rate if it increases.

Alternatively, for an annual payment of $267 (current member rate) you will not only save on this already discounted rate but for the life of the membership you’ll not have to pay a higher rate if it increases.

This will help me off-set some of the costs of the program I went through, and you’ll get to play a part in helping make it happen because I may have to ask you your thoughts.

But… I am only offering this for a short period of time!

Full Membership

Full membership will be an ongoing monthly fee of $43 or the Priority membership (annual) will be $359 (2 months free).

That’s less than $2.50 per session based on a full membership rate!!


Ask yourself!

What would the current membership rate be per session right now!

The current membership right now is a fraction over $1 per session. What?!!

This offer is valid for a SHORT TIME only!!

As this is a DISCOUNTED offer, it will not be this rate for long.

Between now and then, I may need to communicate with you, asking for your input and offering updates and behind the scenes about the implementation.

Remember, this is not yet done but soon will be so the founding opportunity will no longer be available.

Join up now!!

Endorsements & Members

I help ladies connect to grow their business to get more clients and this is why I started the Visionary Business Hub.
I help ladies connect to grow their business to get more clients and this is why I started the Visionary Business Hub.